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Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration

If you are a prospective Vendor, you can register with us through our online vendor registration system.

Why is it necessary?

This procedure helps you to give us a description/specification of your products and/or services by filling an online form/application which you can access on the link provided. Once you have accessed the online form, you can use it, to enter the details of your business and other specifications that we should know for a successful dealing with us. These will be entered into our database, and make sourcing easier.

For starters, information about your business will be available to us with the click of the mouse. It also simplifies our research and decision-making processes. While manually looking up the website of your business or sending off an email(individually contacting vendors) with our queries might seem like a good idea, it becomes at once understandable that this is indeed a time- consuming process. This is becoming a trend that is catching on fast wherein more and more companies are trying to have their own vendor registration system. This enables the creation of a personalised database for business research purposes.

Another advantage of vendor registration system and the creation of a client database is the very fact that it improves our relationship with you our prospective vendor.

How this is true?

You might have guessed this has something to do with a vendor management strategy that evolves from keeping a personalised client database.

When we collaborate with our vendors in planning strategies on how to achieve the goals and expectations, it leads to valuable, long-term relationship building. This collaboration allows both the us as a company and you the vendors to brainstorm innovative ideas about value-creation from our partnership.