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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our Commitment To Our Customers’ Satisfaction

We believe in customer satisfaction! We have a strong desire to provide the best for our customers. We have not only the desire to earn your trust, but to inspire your confidence. The relationship we hold with our customers is very important to us. It is our number one priority.

Developing the relationship with our customers is one of our top concerns. In order to do this, we believe in working on our services to make sure they are always up to your satisfaction. The objectives of our company are targeted towards providing the best service to our customers. We take pride in providing you the very best and at a cost that fits your budget. We also believe in improving ourselves on the basis of your feedback and suggestions: You, our customer, matters to us, and what you have to say helps us ‘to redefine who we are’ that is the standards of our company’s service as a whole, with the final goal of better meeting your expectations.

Our commitment to providing care-after-service

We have a helpline number, which is 0091 8286664477 that you can reach us at, which will adhere to you 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. We also have an email address which is [email protected] to which you can send any queries. We understand that building long-lasting relationships based on trust is the only way win over our customers. In case of a fault on our part, we assure you that no further costs will be incurred by the customer, and there will be a prompt and effective repair/replacement done. We value your feedback indeed.

All-in-all we believe in performing at the highest quality in all our dealings with our customers. We believe in putting in our best towards the completion of every project undertaken by us. We understand fully well that today’s customer wants more than just a cheap price. To a customer, a competitive advantage is indeed something that fits his budget but its must always be backed by quality. We also know customers will only continue to with a company if everything is perfect: from the arrivals of the staff of the venue on time, to following through to getting the job done, to the after service care. We at Horizon Infrastructures believe there can be no business without customers and so we target the ethos of the organisation towards pleasing the customer and making sure everything is working to their satisfaction.