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The company is committed to:

●      Providing a safe and secure place of work

●      Providing safe and reliable systems of work

●      Providing proper training, instruction, and supervision

●      Providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment

●      Prompt assessment of any risk to anyone who might be affected by carrying out company’s activities

●      Working strategically to prevent accidents


The management of Horizon has overall and final responsibility for health and safety and has day-to-day responsibility to ensure this policy is in practice.

Supervisors and managers provide adequate supervision to ensure those safe systems of work is followed.

Employees are responsible for taking care of the health and safety of themselves and those around them, by following safe systems of work, safety precautions and report any concerns to supervisors and managers.

We place importance on safety and health program for the prevention of work-related injuries, hazards, and deaths.

Our periodic renewal and enhancement of commitment to safety and health between employers and workers have over the years led to:

•       Improvements in quality of service.

•       Better employee morale.

•       Improved employee recruiting and retention.


Our supervisors carry out a written risk assessment for all work activity before starting. Immediate control measures follow identified hazards are implemented to eliminate risk and reduce risks to an acceptable level while operatives get risk assessments provided to them.

Procedures are put in place to identify workplace hazards and evaluate risks continually.

Safety and health hazards from routine, non-routine, and emergencies are identified and assessed from time to time.

We carry out an initial assessment of existing hazards, exposures, and control measures followed by periodic inspections and reassessments, to identify new dangers for check-mating and control.

Incidents are investigated to identify the root causes, and identified hazards prioritized for proper control.


We form time to time collect collate, organize, analyze, and review information with our employees to evaluate prevailing  potential hazards to which they may be exposed.


Adequate first aid provisions are available at all sites, and all first aid incidents recorded.

Controls include the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE’S) for workers during maintenance or construction work, isolation of people from hazards and changing the way people work to ensure safety.


We ensure that employees are fully kitted and trained for construction work like carpentry that requires the use of devices/tools that need professional care to handle. We also carry out reviews and discussion about control, options with our workers to ensure that controls are feasible and practical.


It is a duty for all our employees to report accidents during maintenance, construction, or repairs to their immediate supervisors or managers.

Supervisors are responsible for investigating accidents to prevent recurrence and ensure that safe work practices are being carried out.

A detailed report is usually documented for reviews and proper ways of avoiding the same accidents from occurring.