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Horizon Infrastructures is a company that always strives towards perfection. While we believe in teamwork and growing as people,we aspire towards a Gandhian approach when it comes to our employees. We believe that ‘all labour has dignity’.

We know and understand that most of your life is spent at the workplace, so we encourage our employees to grow. The work environment is a very comfortable one.Here we believe in working together, and that we are ‘one great big family with big horizons’.

We not only strengthen but encourage‘the newcomers’ by giving them all the help they need. And also by doing a little hand holding, which we feel is indeed very necessary! We promise you will never feel out of place even a day at Horizon Infrastructures.

If you believe in striving towards excellence, then you will be very comfortable working with us. While you might be working your hardest on defining your career, Horizon Infrastructures will help you to build your horizons above and beyond. Here at Horizon Infrastructureswe encourage the spirit of exploration, determination and conquest. Working hard gets you incentives here, as we believe in rewarding the go-getters! At Horizon Infrastructures, you will never be bored. Wherever you might be placed on Horizon Infrastructures career ladder, you are just a step away from redefining yourself.That step is your effort, that we WILL reward of course.

Come work with us!

At present we are looking out for dynamic and enthusiastic people to work with us. If you think ‘you have it in you’ , send us your resume right away at our email [email protected]

At present there are vacancies in the following positions:

  • Call coordinator
  • Labours
  • Admin
  • Part-Time Sales Executive