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Why we should be your Carpentry Contractor

A little about us

Horizon Infrastructures has a team of highly qualified woodworkers based in Mumbai. We have always been working towards our client’s satisfaction. It’s close to 10 years ever since we first started with the business of carpentry contracting.We having done a vast number of projects with very highly skilled workmanship. If you want further proof as to the quality of our services just refer to our testimonials which is included on our website.

Every job is important to us regardless of scale or complexity

We, as skilled woodworkers, can do any forms of carpentry work that you suggest to us. We are well aware that there are numerous ways to upgrade your personal and commercial properties. (Those looking to sell their properties might even be more interested in improving the look and feel and keep it looking great.) For example, in a kitchen, you can restore cabinets which had seen better days with as well asdoors and drawer fronts.We can accommodate almost all aspects of carpentry including (but not limited to) staircases, door sets, mouldings, floorings, Joinery (Wardrobes, Cabinets Wall panelling etc) and other aspects of regular furnishings. We believe that Trust is the epitome of customer service. Please take a moment to read the ‘Why Choose Us’ page so we can do something exceptional for you as well!

We believe in quick service

And why you should choose us? At times hiring a skilled woodworker can be the most difficult task. But don’t you worry with us you can be comfortable.To keep our customers happy we resort toquality customer service and we respond within 24 hrs to any/all inquiries.We will be available for consultation as soon as the next day. Transform your properties with our hassle-free service. Call us now to book a consultation.

We promise to: Keep you updated, respect your property, maintain a clean environment, never over charge, tell you an approximation of the cost before the work even starts, tell you the amount of time completing the project will take before its commencement, we clean up after the project completion and we will always be honest and trustworthy.


Call us now to ensure that your job is done in a professional and a timely manner!



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