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Welcome to Horizon Construction Company. We are a fully-integrated construction company with many stories of success in our kitty.
Horizon Construction company is an all-encompassed construction outfit. Our services include complete Construction, Carpentry, and Painting. We are well-versed in all types of painting.

Our clients include :
▶ Building owners
▶ Residential homeowners
▶ Construction companies
▶ Property developers

Our well-detailed quote after discussion and site visitation will include :
▶ Total evaluation of surfaces to be painted
▶ Type of preparation required
▶ Products to be used
▶ Time frame for the project
▶ Methods of payment
We promise prompt delivery of our quality service, meeting your desired specifications.

We have highly-skilled experts to ensure timely delivery of all our projects. We access only quality products from proven manufacturers to execute our projects. Quality of our services is further guaranteed with constant technical support from paint manufacturers. Our painting experts supervise every aspect of preparation, application, and inspections from scratch-to-finish.

Our expertise and perfect work ethic enhance our team-work approach to every task on-site or out-of-the-site. Our sanitation ethics also make us clean every area of the project sites thereby leaving the site cleaner than we met it.

We are as dependable as to meet all your project requirements. We make a reasonable quote for budget and time required to complete a project. We get to your site and work with all priority within the set budget and time. We don’t inflate the budget, we don’t waste time to complete any project. Our instant response to problems arising or additional work is effectively fast.
We are more than pleased and ready to show you some of our past work on a short request.

As a safety-conscious company, safety is our first rule. We understand all safety guidelines which we diligently adapt and we follow all necessary safety precautions during operation at any of our workplaces. We care as much for the safety of our workmen and your premises. We leave no traces of hazardous materials behind.

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