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Horizon Construction Company has a broad background in Commercial, residential, factories, and commercial building construction, and renovation. We pride ourselves in demonstrating unrivaled skills and quality materials to carry out our construction projects meeting all standards as required by our clients.

We professionally cooperate with architects, subcontractors, and clients. We demonstrate and observe time management, a policy that helps us to execute and complete every project within the budget and time-frame.

Horizon Construction Company has been in the construction business for over 10 years as a private company. We have cumulative staff strength of over 50 workers in the administrative, supervisory and workmen levels.

Horizon Construction Company strategically focused on construction business including private and public housing, factories, schools, hospitals, financial buildings, retail units, office complexes, public utilities, civil engineering, and infrastructure projects. In addition, we undertake the refurbishment of old buildings.

Management Structure and Biographies
Our management structure is well-tailored to be up and doing in our operation as a construction company with each management alive to its set responsibility. The management structure is in the following order:

▶ Management/Administration team
▶ Site managers
▶ Site supervisors
▶ Workmen
At Horizon Construction Company ensures that we comply with all regular and irregular government tax structures including staff tax, operations tax, project tax, and other relevant taxes.

Quality Policies
Our quality policies include having a reliable and dependable project quote, successful execution of every project, strict adherence to the set budget, good working ethics, and staff welfare, occupational Safety of workmen on sites, Healthcare administration, hazards management, and the successful completion and delivery of quality service to our clients.
We have a healthy relationship with all supervisory authorities in performing the legitimate roles within and outside our project sites.

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